Glow Eindhoven 2022

Published on 12 November 2022 at 21:35

Glow Eindhoven is back in its regular format! After 2 years of “Glowing with restrictions”, there is again a single route through the city center. This year, there is also a "Satellite project” at the High Tech Campus, with two more light artworks. In this post, we will highlight a few glowing points of interest in the city center of Eindhoven.

Photographic challenge:

Each work of light-art has different requires exposure settings, especially the animated works. This provides a nice challenge to capture this with your camera. Unfortunately, we cannot go into the intricacies of nighttime photography here, but do some online searches. Bring your tripod, but keep in mind that on crowded spots, it can be impossible to use it. Consider going several evenings to get better photos.


Start early: In the beginning of the evening, it is often less crowded. Also keep in mind the end-time: on Monday up to and including Thursday, the lights will be shut 1 hour earlier (at 22:00h.) At the High Tech Campus, the lights are shut at 22:00h also during the weekends.
You can choose your own starting point: The organisation recommends starting at the Central Station, but you can start anywhere along the route. Pick a spot you definitely want to see, and start there!
Go on weekdays: Usually, the Monday and Tuesday evenings are quieter. Keep in mind that Saturday the 19th is the last day.
Preparation! The route is approx. 5 km and takes about 3 hours to see all the animations. Wear a warm jacket, bring a thermos with tea, or warm up at a bar.
For more practicalities, visit 

A few highlights of the route of Glow 2022

For this blog, the route was started at Stadhuisplein, but you are of course free to pick your own starting point and itinerary .

Circle of Light – Stadhuisplein

At Stadhuisplein you will find the “Circle of Light”. This is made from the old street lighting removed from the Tilburgseweg.
The tip is to use the lights and visitors, to achieve interesting effects on your photos.

Connecting your Love – Markt and Groene Toren

This artwork has several locations, from which the one on the Markt is the most eye-catching, and the one at the Groene Toren has the most interaction. On the Market you can go wild on the butterflies, but you can also include the surroundings and the visitors.

At the Groene Toren (Green Tower) visitors can pose, and their posture will be projected on the Tower. This creates an interesting  interaction between artwork and the audience.

Stay Tuned - Stationsplein

Stay Tuned is a spectacle of image and sound, an invitation to be amazed and inspired. A station square is a place in continuous motion, and also the backdrop for the Stay Tuned projection. This artwork is not just displayed on the station building, but also on the Student Hub (formerly the Student Hotel) The tip here is to watch the show twice, and point your camera to one building per show. This way, you can better register the artwork without continually  turning your camera and re-framing / re-focusing during the show.

Collecting Cultures – Effenaar

Did you know you are only 10% human? Just 10% of the cells in your body contain genetic information. The other ninety percent contain bacteria and yeasts that are happy to digest your food and take care of your immune system. In short, the human body is a wonderful ecosystem consisting of various micro-organisms.

This is visualised on the Effenaar. From 3000 people of the Eindhoven-region, samples of bacteria, yeasts and fungi were taken and cultivated. From the results, photos were made, and these are projected here. This gives an original perspective on humans, and you can take very creative photos here. Try to combine bystanders and the shown bacteria in one photo!

The Reed – Villa Dommelhoef

This artwork shows a beautiful story made of moving images. As the image changes all the time, it is difficult to take technically clean photos. You can increase the ISO, but you will then have to remove noise later. A nice challenge. You may also consider filming.

Fish are Jumping – Kanaal

Last year, there was the display “Firefly Field” at Strijp T. This time, the artists made a work with fish jumping from the water. Try a longer exposure, as you never know when a fish may jump out of the water.
In the distance, further down the canal, you can see “Lucy”, a large sphere on which 2 large lights are projected. This is so bright that it can be clearly seen from more than a kilometer away!

A different point of View – Praxis Tenierslaan

When do you see 16 DAF trucks in a circle at the parking lot of your hardware store? With this artwork, you can create your own “different point of view”  by finding a camera angle that others have not tried yet. Be creative! But be fast, the show is only 8 minutes, and after the end, you have to leave so the next visitors can experience “a different point of view”.

The lightstar on the left consists of the intersecting lightbeams from the poles; you have to be at exactly the right spot to get this effect.

Museum Monsters – Van Abbemuseum

In this light art from Hugo Vrijdag, school children conquer the Van Abbemuseum with the Museum Monsters. The work is inspired by the lockdowns, when he saw  desolate streets and closed stores. Youngsters took over the deserted streets with graffiti and throw-ups; the tattoos of a city. On this unique occasion, children take over the Van Abbemuseum with their creations.

Final thoughts

Of course, there is a lot more to photograph, so go and explore the other pieces of art, or try a different perspective with the works shown here.  We are curious how you experienced Glow, and of course we would love to see some of your results! Please post your experience and images in a comment below.

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